WSM Cubic Modular SystemsIn 2003 three WSM employees travelled to Denmark to become accredited with the Cubic Modular type tested switchboard system. This has meant that our staff are highly trained in the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to ensure we can supply the right switchboard for your application.

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About the Cubic Modular System

A good foundation is essential for any success. It is the breeding ground for development and visions. It creates potentials and embraces the challenges of tomorrow.

With this in mind, CUBIC was founded in 1973 based on an unique idea for a modular system for the construction of electrical panels. This idea has since the early start developed CUBIC into a global and recognized partner within electromechanics and with a product range that comprise any type of enclosure.

Our solutions are used in the industry, in mining and in airports. We supply solutions to ships, hospitals, power plants, wind mills and so forth.

All products from CUBIC have been tested and certified by several of the world’s most recognized test laboratories. These approvals together with a partnership philosophy make it possible to work towards a goal of ensuring a high and uniform quality level on switchboards across the world.

The focus of CUBIC has always been at quality, reliability, relations, and our concept of product. These values form the agenda for our future voyage.

However, the basis of our future voyage is still the solid foundation laid in 1973 that represents the essence of CUBIC.

The Cubic product range comprises the following products:

• The Modular System for the construction of electrical panels
• Customized solutions
• Customer designed electronic cabinets
• Flexible copper busbars